Sushi @ Shibuya and Harajuku

One of my cousin's friends from Northwestern came home to live in Japan after graduation, and we met him at Shibuya for lunch. (Yes, we did come out of the station to the famous Shibuya crossing, and yes we did see the Dog statue, but I didn't feel compelled to stand there for the "perfect shot."

He did all the ordering and there was no shortage of food at all....

Only time Ge and I have had natto with a quail egg, some raw fish, ikura, spring onions, and wasabi in this way.

Oh, the Village Vanguard. Great bookstore in Shibuya if you want to find a lot of touristy things and a lot of things your 10-year-old self would like. Ge and I were tempted to buy our very own starter pokemon....

We then decided to walk to Harajuku (which is mostly famous for its strangely dressed Harajuku girls, but they weren't out in the cold). This place looked so good from the outside I declared I needed one (even though I was really really full and had just had a cronut for the first time at a coffee shop we passed along the way). It's basically a very long cream puff with a very crunchy exterior. I enjoyed it.... (I think Zaku-Zaku, the store, is worth a try. They also had ice cream.)

Around the corner they had crazy large cotton candy for sale.

And of course there was a Disney store here. This was an adorable pillow.

We then tried a ramen restaurant, called Afuri, where you placed your order via vending machine. Luckily, there were pictures.

Damn good ramen store.

Godzilla, all lit up! (Seriously tiny but awesome hotel.)